Team Slay: Best in the Field Podcast Reflection


If you have been following this blog (that’s a joke, no one reads this) you would have seen that I randomly posted 5 podcast episodes on here. That was part of a group digital project that we recently did. My group AKA Team Slay decided to do a short podcast series.


The process behind this podcast series is long, but here we go. So in our groups we had to chose a person’s topic from their research paper. We agreed on my topic, which is Female Athlete’s and their Relationship in Digital Media. After going back and forth for a while we decided on a podcast to share the research I had found. After some struggles to meet up, we got all the audio recorded. I then was able to edit it all together and with help from the amazing Brenna insert some sound bites. Amanda and Hadia then selected photos for the TapeWrite. Brenna and I then put the audio and visuals together and published it on TapeWrite.


Despite the struggles we faced, I found this process really enjoyable. It was my first time recording in an actual sound booth, so I was thrilled. It was also my first time using the TapeWrite software. I found that I really liked the combination of audio and visual that was possible through TapeWrite.

While in the final stages of the project, we also started working on our presentation.


Our presentation went really well. I did the slide and notes and tried to focus on a nice visual aspect that didn’t distract the audience. I was also able to show off the fact that TapeWrite like my tweet of our podcast.


We were also able to play two podcasts we had made: Female Athletes React to Digital Representations and Language and Female Athletes. The Language and Female Athletes episode was very engaging for our audience and made it a lot more interesting to listen to.

Our Q&A after our presentation went really well and I attribute this to how we previously interacted with our audience. We got a wide variety of questions and I was able to answer all of them.

I really enjoyed this project and all the new tools I was able to use. Working with our group was really great as well and I enjoyed all the time we spent together.

That’s it for now.


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