Gift A Career Social Media

As the social media manager for Gift A Career, I created informational social media content. There were two aims of the Gift A Career social media. One, to attract users to sign up for Gift A Career’s free job skills training and hiring services. Secondly, to engage with possible partner organizations.

A post that demonstrates Gift A Career’s innovative online training platform.

A post that showcases a recent webinar Gift A Career funded.

Additionally, I created three highlight stories for Gift A Career to give interested users quick facts about Gift A Career. These stories acted as static information pages and were designed with this media constriction in mind.

For this Instagram Highlight story we wanted to introduce some motion to evoke the steps users would have to start the jobs skills training.

Launch Compass Social Media

I also created social media graphics as an intern for Launch Compass. These graphics shared relevant information for job seekers and encouraged them to sign up for Launch Compass services.

Digital Knowledge Center Social Media

As a Peer Tutor at UMW’s Digital Knowledge Center, I created a variety of graphics for our social media page. The purpose of these graphics was to inform students of our hours and our availability to tutor them on different tools.


Gift A Career

I co-created the Gift A Career website. For the front-end or public-facing side, we wanted to inform users of the services Gift A Career offered. On the back-end or subdomain, we created an online platform that Gift A Career recipients could easily navigate to find useful job skills training.


UMW Websites

As a Communication and Digital Studies major at the University of Mary Washington, I found a community of students and staff who embraced digital technology and all its beneficial uses. My time at UMW was very special, and I became a well-rounded student through various digital studies courses. Below you will find the links to my class websites, which contain the work I created for that class.

Digital Approaches to Fine Art (ARTS 104)

Professor: Jason Robinson


On my ARTS 104 website, you will find art assignments I created using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Audition. These pieces explore a variety of themes including modern feminism and beauty principles in society.

Intro to Digital Studies (DGST 101)

Professor: Brenta Blevins


My DGST 101 website showcases the three projects I completed in this class. In this class, I used augmented reality tools, image visualization software, and YouTube 360 video for my projects.

Tinkering, Hacking and Making (DGST 201)

Professor: George Meadows


For my Tinkering, Hacking and Making class, I documented my process for my Arduino, augmented reality, coding, and 3D printing projects. This class embraced self-directed learning, which allowed me to explore my digital interests.

Digital Storytelling (CPSC 106)

Professor: Martha Burtis


Digital Storytelling allowed me to write as a character, cypherpunk106, who was experiencing an apocalypse. As a class, we role-played this scenario and created digital “artifacts” (i.e. audio, visual, design, and writing projects) to support our shared story.

Project Websites

Dear Evan Hansen


During my time as a Digital Knowledge Center tutor, I was asked to make a Choose Your Own Adventure based on UMW’s 2017 Common Read Dear Evan Hansen. This Choose Your Own Adventure game, built using Twine, is centered around digital skills and how students can protect their online identities.

Oryx and Crake


This Choose Your Own Adventure game, made using Twine, was created for my Digital Storytelling (CPSC 106) class. Based on the novel Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood, the user plays as the protagonist, Snowman, and navigates his everyday life.