Hi everyone. Are you tired of the same old look on your Snapchat and want to change it up a bit?

Well, do I have the trick for you. Here is how I access a bunch of cool fonts using a HTML text generator.

This tutorial has two different options for achieving similar effects. The difference between the two is the first uses only your phone, while the other requires you to use a computer and Google Docs.

First Option

To begin, open up this website which is a HTML Text editor.

When the page loads, it will have some text already in the “Enter Text” box. Go ahead and “Select all” the text and press backspace.

Go ahead and “Select all” the text and press backspace.

Now that the textbox is empty, write the desired text that you want to appear on your Snapchat.

Once done writing, press the “X”. To the right you will see a preview of your text. As you can see, the text you wrote is still set to the presets of the editor.

One of the first things you can change is the font. Below I have written out all the text fonts that you can use. These fonts will easily be added to your Snapchat.

Fonts that work:

  • Arial, sans-serif
  • Helvitica, sans-serif
  • Trebuchet MS sans-serif
  • Verdana, sans-serif
  • Sans-serif, generic
  • Baskerville, serif
  • Garamond, serif
  • Georgia, serif
  • Times New Roman, serif
  • Palatino, serif
  • Copperplate
  • Cursive (generic). Displays differently on phone and computer.
  • Fantasy (generic) / Papyrus
  • Consolas, Monospace / Courier, Monospace
  • Courier New, Monospace
  • Monospace (generic)

So, go ahead and select a font you like that also appears on the list above. My favourite is Courier, Monospace. Once you have decided on the font, once again press the “X”.

You can also adjust the font size of your text. I usually set it to 3 or 4, but you can go larger if your Snapchat has a lot of empty space you want to fill with text.

Again, the preview on the right will change according to the adjustments you have made.

You can also adjust if you want your text to be italic, bold or in small caps.


You can leave the padding and margin to the settings they are at.

Now for the exciting things to change, the text color and background. If you desire to change the text color, click on the box with the #33009 in it. Once you press this, a bunch of preset colors will appear. You can select one of these or you can insert a HEX code color instead.

Moreover, you can change the background color as well. I prefer to set this to black so it blends into the Snapchat textbox more. However, feel free to select any color you like. You should also note, that it is extremely difficult to insert a HEX code for the background of the text. I believe that it is a programming issue on their website, but besides this small glitch this website does work fairly well.

Looking again at the preview at the right, you should see that your text is in the font and colors you desire.

Continuing down the bar, I ignore the Alignment and Spacing as these already are set to what I like.

In text decorations, overline and blink do not work. Blink is an obsolete feature whereas overline does not copy to Snapchat well. However, underline and line through work.

In text transform, uppercase, lowercase, and Capitalize The First Letter of Each Word work for this process.

Moreover, I have found that the Font-Stretch option does not work. So, there is no use in changing it.

Now that your text is set to the way you want it, scroll up to the preview. Now select the text in the preview box and press copy.

With this text copied, open up Snapchat. Have a photo taken or imported (using my last trick), press the screen once to open up the text option in Snapchat. Once this is open, simply paste the text into this box. Click out of the text box and viola, your text is now stylized.

Please note that this stylized text only works in this text box. Do not press the “T” icon again to enlarge your text. Your font will vanish as Snapchat’s code will override the text stylization you added.

Now you can send this snap to your friends and impress them with your aesthetic skills.

Second Option

This version of the tutorial is more complex, but does offer more opportunities to have more control over the background color of your text.

First, open Google Docs on your computer. Then write your text.

One of the first things you can adjust about this text is the font. Below is a list of fonts that will work for later.

  • Alegreya
  • Arial
  • Avenir
  • Courier
  • Courier New
  • Georgia
  • Times New Roman
  • Trebuchet MS
  • Verdana

Again, my favorite is Courier as it is extremely different than the typical Snapchat font.

Now the major difference between this process and the first one is that you have a lot more control over the text background. This is especially nice if, like me, you like to make your background color into a rainbow.

To change the background text color, highlight your text and go to the A symbol with the black bar underneath it. You can now choose the background color of your text.

To do the rainbow background, select the first letter of your text. After setting the background color to red, highlight the next letter and make the background orange. Continue to highlight one letter and change the highlight until you have completed this process with all your text.


After you have changed your text background, you can play with which text color makes your text stand out. Similar to the background color changing, you can make your text color different for each letter. This is especially helpful if you are doing the rainbow text background.

For example, I am going to change my letters that have a yellow background to black so you can see it better.

To change the text color, highlight your desired text and then go to the A symbol with the black bar underneath it. Then select “Text” and the your desired text color.

You can also adjust the text size by highlighting all of your text and then changing the number next to the font type. Try to adjust the size of your text to something reasonable so it doesn’t take up too much room on your Snapchat.

You can also make your text Bold, Italic or Underline using the “B”, “I” and “U” icons next to the font size selection area.

Once you have completed stylizing your text, go to “File” at the top status bar. In the dropdown menu, select “Publish to the web…” A pop up will now appear. In this press, “Publish”. Another popup will appear so make sure you want to publish, press “Ok”. After this, you will be provided with a link to your publication online.

Copy the link provided to you. Now using either your email, Facebook Messenger or pasting the link into your Google Doc itself and opening it in the app…somehow send the link to yourself so you can open it on your phone.

Open the link in whatever Internet browser you use on your phone. You should see your desired text in your web browser now. Now copy your desired text and open Snapchat. 

Either have a photo already taken or using my previous trick, press on the screen once to open Snapchat’s text option. Then paste your text into this box.  

Please note that this stylized text only work in this text box. Do not press the “T”  icon again to enlarge your text. Your font will vanish as Snapchat’s code will override the text stylization you added.  

Once you have sent this Snapchat off to your friends, return to your Google Docs.

Again go to “File” and then “Publish to web…” Now in the popup, select “Stop Publishing” This will stop Google from putting your document on the web and updating. Once you press “Stop Publishing”, another popup will ask you if you are sure you want to stop publishing. Go ahead and press “Ok”. Your document will stop being published and thus you are done with this process.


So these are my tricks for getting better text options on Snapchat.

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