How to Insert Icon Images into Snapchats

Ever wanted to add a small image inside your Snapchats but couldn’t figure how to make it into a sticker and so on?

Well, here is a trick for you.

Open up Google Chrome on your phone. Then search for the image you want to insert.

Once your page, loads select “Images”.

Then go up to the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner. Now select “Request Desktop Site”. This will now reload your page so it looks like it would if you were on a laptop/desktop. 

Scroll up to the top right and choose “Tools”.

In the “Size” option choose “Icon”. This will then reload your page again, this time only displaying images the size of an icon.

Find one you like then hold down on the image so you can choose “Save image”. Once you press this, the image will be downloaded to your phone. 

Now open up your Photos app on your phone. Navigate to the icon you chose then select the share button in the bottom left. Then choose “Copy” in bottom left.

Open up Snapchat and either take a photo or use my trick from last time. Now press once on the screen to open the text box. Then type the text you want to appear in the box.

Press down in the text area and “Paste” your image in this box.

You can hit the spacebar to the left side of your image to force your icon to go onto a second row of text. This will help to see the text and image better.

Now you can send your photo off to your friends or put it on your story!

Please note that image will only appear in this text box. So, do not press the “T” icon again to enlarge your text. Your image will vanish as Snapchat’s code will override the text stylization you added. If you want other text options on Snapchat make sure to check my last post!

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