Do you want to share a photo or video from your phone’s camera roll but hate the white box that appears when you put it on Snapchat?

Here is a way to get around that white box for good.

First open your camera roll and navigate to the photo you want to post. Now press the edit function or the third button in on the bottom.

Press the crop button and then select the square on square button on the right.


Of these options choose the bottom one, 9:16. Adjust this so that what you want to see is the main focus. Then press done. You need to crop your photo or it will not be optimized to share it on Snapchat.

Drag your photo down so you are now viewing the main photo screen. Then press “select” at the top right and choose your photo. 

Then go to “Add To” and navigate to your Snapchat root folder. This will then add this photo to your Snapchat folder.

Now open Snapchat and drag down to get the screen where your Bitmoji is visible. Then go to settings by pressing the gear in the top right corner. 

Scroll down to memories and the choose “Import Snaps from Camera Roll”.

Then select your photo and press “Import Snaps.”

Now go all the way back to the main camera screen on Snapchat. Swipe up to see your memories and then choose the photo you just imported.

Press edit snap and then apply any filters that you want.

Now you can post this to your story and there will be no white square around your photo.


To note: This process can also be done with videos. However, the video must be shorter than 10 seconds. Additionally, if the video is in landscape you need to trim the video down even more. This is because the video is still too large to import to Snapchat. Try shortening the video (8 seconds usually works) and importing again. Also note, that Snapchat’s compression will simplify your colors so it will not have all the nuances you would see in your Photo gallery.


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